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In the long history of the World Cup, there was indeed one World Cup that was "illegally manipulated by the government", and it was finally recognized by the government. This is the infamous 1934 World Cup in Italy. In 1934, Uruguay, the host country and defending champion of the first World Cup, was trapped by financial progress and could not afford a team's expedition to defend the European championship. At that time, Italy under Mussolini needed such an international competition to carry out so-called "personal propaganda" and at the same time enhance Italy's sense of national honor. Therefore, Italy took over Uruguay’s host qualifications, hosted the 1934 World Cup, and "forced naturalization" of a large number of South American players as a team from Italy (not naturalized at that time). From the first game against the United States at the National Fascist Stadium in Rome, the Italian team played 5 games and won the championship. At that time, there was no group stage in the competition system. They were all knockouts. It seemed that this was a manifestation of Italy's strength, but in fact there were many mysteries.

在世界杯的悠久历史中,确实有一个世界杯是“被政府非法操纵的”,并最终得到了政府的认可。这是臭名昭著的1934年意大利世界杯。 1934年,乌拉圭作为第一届世界杯的东道国和卫冕冠军,被财务状况所困,无法负担一支球队出征欧洲冠军的征途。当时,墨索里尼领导下的意大利需要进行这样的国际比赛来进行所谓的“个人宣传”,同时增强意大利的民族荣誉感。因此,意大利接管了乌拉圭的东道国资格,主办了1934年世界杯,并从意大利(当时未归化)作为一个团队对大量南美球员进行“强迫归化”。从在罗马国家法西斯体育场对阵美国的第一场比赛起,意大利队就踢了5场比赛并获得了冠军。当时,比赛系统还没有小组赛阶段。他们都是淘汰赛。看来这是意大利实力的体现,但实际上有很多奥秘。

The secret behind Italy's home championship in 1934


Starting from the first game against the United States, the Italian team has been controversial in penalties in every game, especially in the quarter-finals against Spain, semi-finals against Austria, and finals against Czechoslovakia. The Italians’ brutal fouls can be used to "Human hair finger" to describe. The Italian “South American” Monti punched and kicked Spanish goalkeeper Zamora during the game against Spain, which prevented his opponent from appearing in the second day of the rematch. In addition, three or four Spanish players were also severely injured by rough fouls. ; But they turned a blind eye to these referees. For other teams' normal fights, referees will replace them with yellow cards and fouls. In the end, we can also guess that the host Italy won the World Cup under the referee's “excessive favoritism”.

从对阵美国的第一场比赛开始,意大利队在每场比赛中的点球一直是有争议的,尤其是在对西班牙的四分之一决赛,对奥地利的半决赛以及对捷克斯洛伐克的决赛中。意大利人的残酷犯规可以用“人发手指”来形容。意大利“南美人”蒙蒂在与西班牙的比赛中猛击西班牙守门员Zamora,这阻止了他的对手出现在比赛的第二天。此外,三到四名西班牙球员也因犯规而受了重伤。 ;但是他们对这些裁判员视而不见。对于其他球队的常规比赛,裁判将用黄牌和犯规取代他们。最后,我们还可以猜测,东道主意大利在裁判的“过度偏爱”下赢得了世界杯。

This is a World Cup rigged by fascism


But what we must admit at the same time is that the strength of the Italian team was actually very strong, especially after they called several "Italian Argentines" into the team. For example, in 1930, the midfielder Monti, who represented the Argentine national team, wore the Italian jersey under Mussolini in 1934; so they have a certain degree of championship strength. However, Mussolini's "threat" the referee is also a historical fact. Without this local "manipulation", the Italian team would not have defeated Spain, Austria and Czechoslovakia so smoothly. Later, in FIFA’s official documents, the runner-up Czechoslovak player Nejedri said this classic saying: “Although we lose, we are lucky to be able to come back alive.” Belgian referee Langeni said: “This The world championship is a'sports shame'. Apart from the desire to win, the sport itself is not considered at all. In addition, a ghost (referring to Mussolini) calculated the entire event." Indeed, in the history of world sports, the 1934 World Cup in Italy will always be a stain on sports and the darkest moment in the World Cup.


With the expansion of the World Cup and the rise of the "third world of football" (referring to Asia and Africa), the moments when strong teams are upset by weak teams frequently appear in the World Cup. Therefore, in order to protect the interests of strong teams (mainly ratings and sponsors) ), "Football Third World" countries often become victims.


The Italian's dirty foul in 1986 was ignored


In the 1986 World Cup in Mexico, the South Korean team ushered in the third opponent of the Italian team in the group stage. The strength of the Italian team is obviously higher than that of the South Korean team. The victory of this game is not too suspicious. However, several misjudgments by the American referee David Socha cast a shadow over the game. In the 33rd minute, Italian defender Wagni deliberately hit Xu Dingmao in the face while competing with South Korean forward Xu Dingmao. Xu Dingmao fell to the ground in pain, but David Socha turned a blind eye. Amidst the boos of the fans, he reluctantly gave Wagney a yellow card. And 2 minutes later, his performance began. Italian striker Alejandro Altobelli brought the ball to the ground without contact. David Socha immediately whistled a penalty, but the Italian Did not seize the opportunity to score a penalty kick. But afterwards, for all physical contact and confrontation, David Socha convicted all South Korean players for fouls, obviously turning a blind eye to the Italians' actions. In the end, the South Korean team lost 2-3 and missed the group stage. Ironically, Socha’s home country of the United States, the International Herald Tribune, commented on the game: “The South Korean team is fighting against 12 people from Italy, and the 12th is Socha.” Reuters also said: “Italy People defeated the Korean team with the help of referees." After reading this, do you think this story is familiar?

在1986年墨西哥世界杯上,韩国队在小组赛中迎来了意大利队的第三个对手。意大利队的实力明显高于韩国队。这场比赛的胜利不太可疑。但是,美国裁判戴维·索查(David Socha)的一些错误判断给比赛蒙上了一层阴影。在第33分钟,意大利后卫瓦格尼在与韩国前锋许定茂竞争时故意击中徐定茂。徐定茂痛苦地跌倒在地,但大卫·索查却视而不见。在球迷的嘘声中,他无奈地给Wagney一张黄牌。 2分钟后,他的表演开始了。意大利前锋亚历杭德罗·阿尔托贝利将球无接触地倒向地面。大卫·索查(David Socha)立即吹罚,但意大利人没有抓住机会得分。但此后,大卫·索查(David Socha)进行了所有身体接触和对抗,对所有韩国球员犯规,判处犯规,显然对意大利人的举动视而不见。最终,韩国队以2-3负于小组赛,无缘小组赛。具有讽刺意味的是,Socha的母国美国《国际先驱论坛报》对此游戏发表了评论:“韩国队正在与来自意大利的12个人进行战斗,而第12个人是Socha。”路透社还说:“意大利人民在裁判的帮助下击败了韩国队。”看完这篇文章,您认为这个故事很熟悉吗?

With the help of the referee, Togo lost to Switzerland


In the second round of the 2006 World Cup Group G between Switzerland and Togo, the Togo team from the third world became a "victim". In that game, the Swiss team repeatedly violated Togoles forward Adebayor in the penalty area, and the penalties for the same defensive actions of both sides were severely different, which directly led to Togo's loss. And it was Carlos Amarilla, the referee from Paraguay, who caused all this. In the 34th minute, Togolese forward Adebayor dribbled the ball from the right side of the Swiss team. Swiss defender Degen kicked him down in a hurry. Adebayor fell to the ground and thought it was a penalty. But Carlos Amarilla signaled the latter to "stand up", and Degen immediately went into the game just like everyone else. In the face of the Swiss foul, the Paraguayan referee turned a blind eye. In the 45th minute, No. 7 Salif of the Togo team received a “great reward” from Carlos Amarilla-a yellow card. In this game, many people from the Togo team received such a "reward", and the Swiss remained unscathed. Afterwards, FIFA determined that the game was a misjudgment and the Togo team should have won a penalty in the 34th minute. Just imagine, if the penalty is awarded, the result of the game may not be a 0-2 defeat by Togo. After that game, the media began to suspect that the referee was instructed by FIFA President Blatter (Swiss) to favor his home country, but in the end it stopped.

在瑞士和多哥之间举行的2006年世界杯G组第二轮比赛中,来自第三世界的多哥队成为“受害者”。在那场比赛中,瑞士队在罚球区屡次侵犯多哥前锋阿德巴约,双方相同防御行动的处罚严重不同,直接导致多哥失利。造成这一切的是巴拉圭的裁判卡洛斯·阿马里利亚。在第34分钟,多哥前锋阿德巴约(Adebayor)从瑞士队右侧运球。瑞士后卫德根(Degen)急忙将他踢倒。阿德巴约(Adebayor)倒在地上,认为这是一种惩罚。但是卡洛斯·阿马里利亚(Carlos Amarilla)指示后者“站起来”,德根像其他所有人一样立即进入比赛。面对瑞士人的犯规,巴拉圭主裁判视而不见。在第45分钟,多哥车队的第七名萨利夫(Salif)从卡洛斯·阿马里利亚(Carlos Amarilla)的黄牌中获得了“巨大的奖励”。在这场比赛中,多哥团队的许多人都收到了这样的“奖励”,瑞士人毫发无损。此后,国际足联认为这场比赛是错误的判断,多哥队本应在第34分钟赢得点球。试想一下,如果判罚,则比赛的结果可能不是多哥0-2败北。比赛结束后,媒体开始怀疑这位裁判是由国际足联主席布拉特(瑞士)指示青睐他的祖国,但最终却停了下来。

Moroccan roar at the 2018 World Cup


With the involvement of VAR, will the World Cup be fairer? If we think about it this way, the facts may make us feel that things are counterproductive. In the most recent World Cup, there were cases where the "Third World" team was treated unfairly. This is what happened to the Morocco team in Group B. More sadly, they encountered fatal "misjudgments" or "misjudgments" one after another against Portugal and Spain, which caused the team to miss the qualifying group. In the second round of the match against the Portuguese team, in the 80th minute, the Portuguese defender Pepe had a handball in the penalty area but was ignored by the American referee Craig. Interestingly, VAR suggested that this was a penalty kick, but Craig refused to admit it. Both the Moroccan players and the coach made obvious protests after the game. The match against Spain is even more tragic. The referee Uzbekistan’s Irmatov did not judge Pique’s handball in the penalty area, and VAR did not intervene; while the Spanish team’s "offside goal" was assisted by VAR. The "no offside" goal was changed. Although there is no problem with this penalty, the fact that VAR is obviously biased towards the strong teams in Europe and America is hard to argue. After the match, Morocco was angrily ranting at the camera about the injustice of VAR. Obviously, with or without VAR, the referee is always the one who decides the final penalty in the game. If he wears "tinted glasses" to enforce the law, there is no such thing as justice.

在VAR的参与下,世界杯会更加公平吗?如果我们这样考虑,事实可能使我们感到事情适得其反。在最近的世界杯比赛中,“第三世界”队受到不公平对待。这是B组摩洛哥队所经历的。更遗憾的是,他们一次又一次地对葡萄牙和西班牙遇到致命的“错误判断”或“错误判断”,这导致该团队错过了资格小组赛。在与葡萄牙队的比赛的第二轮比赛中,在第80分钟,葡萄牙后卫佩佩在禁区内犯规,但被美国裁判克雷格(Craig)忽略。有趣的是,VAR认为这是罚点球,但Craig拒绝承认。赛后摩洛哥球员和教练都做出了明显的抗议。与西班牙的比赛更加悲惨。裁判乌兹别克斯坦的Irmatov在罚球区没有判断Pique的手球,而VAR也没有干预。而西班牙队的“越位进球”则由VAR协助。 “没有越位”的目标已更改。尽管这种处罚没有问题,但VAR显然偏向于欧洲和美国强大的团队这一事实很难争论。比赛结束后,摩洛哥愤怒地向摄像机抱怨VAR的不公正之处。显然,无论是否使用VAR,裁判始终是决定比赛最终罚款的人。如果他戴着“有色眼镜”来执行法律,就没有正义之类的东西。

South Korea in the third world of football is often bullied by referees


From this we can see that, in fact, on the stage of the World Cup, the "third world football" countries are disadvantaged groups. Because of this, they cannot win honor in a fair environment, let alone change their own destiny. After all, the World Cup is still a game for European and American strong teams, at least the men's football arena is like this.


Since the Italian authorities took control of the World Cup in 1934, most of the hosts of each subsequent World Cup will be favored. This is because, when Italy manipulated the game in that way and finally made a profit in 1934, almost every host discovered this "hidden rule." Now that such a grand event is held, why not take advantage of "Yimou" to play tricks in an upright manner? In the eyes of many fans, especially young fans, the World Cup is a great sporting event and should not be shrouded by these factors. Fans who hold this view can only say one thing: too young, too simple.


The World Cup is definitely not clean


When it comes to the benefits of the host, most fans in China will first think of the benefits of the host South Korea in the 2002 Korea-Japan World Cup. It is true that the South Korean team was more or less affected by the referees in the World Cup against Italy and Spain. Care. But do you think that the only host in the World Cup is South Korea the most "benefits"? That would be very wrong. In fact, after Italy won the championship in 1934, many hosts took advantage of this "hidden rule" to benefit. Let’s not say that Chile played host to Italy in the famous "Santiago Rebellion" in 1962. In 1966, England defeated the mighty Federal Germany by "doorline unresolved" at home. Speaking of the Mexico World Cup in 1970 alone, there was a scene that surprised everyone. Host Mexico’s opponent was El Salvador. In the 44th minute of the first half, El Salvador won a free kick in his own half, but a Mexican player pressed the ball to the ground and immediately launched a quick attack. What makes people feel incredible is that the referee Candill actually approved the goal. This "reverse black and white" penalty caused strong protests from the Salvadoran players, who refused to continue the game. The audience only saw the referee keep putting the ball in the center circle, and the Salvadoran players constantly refused to kick-off. After the referee threw the ball for the third time, an Salvadoran player kicked the ball angrily into the stands. In the face of such provocation, the referee showed good resilience and directly blew the whistle to end the first half of the game. The Salvadoran players who suffered a huge blow were unwilling to fight in the remaining 45 minutes, and the game ended 0-4. Candil is so partial to his opponent, no doubt the host Mexico is "forced". Because Mexico and Belgium both scored 2 points before this game, Mexico can only qualify if they win, so they played this trick.


In 1934 and 1938 Mussolini publicly threatened the players, but in 1978 the Argentine government directly "intimidated" the opponent. In the second stage of the group stage, the hosts Argentina beat Peru 6-0 in the final round, which led to the "mortal enemy" Brazil missed the semi-finals due to a goal difference disadvantage. How could they possibly win the World Cup? Before the game started, the then President of Argentina, General Weidla, "visited" the locker room of his opponent Peru team. The reason for his visit was "Latin America should be united." Thus, the famous World Cup match-fixing was finally born. If the Italians used to "intimidate" the referees to win, then the Argentines directly blatantly "intimidated" their opponents, making people sweat.


Weidra directly "terrorized" his opponent


In addition to the obvious benefits of the above-mentioned "hosts", France in 1998; South Korea in 2002; Brazil in 2014; and Russia in 2018. The hosts of these World Cups were all "intentionally" or even "unintentionally" favored by referees. . However, in the history of the World Cup, there is indeed a host that is more "unlucky". They are the first host in the history of the World Cup that failed to qualify for the group stage. This is South Africa. In the matches against Mexico and Uruguay, the two referees made a "reverse" bias towards the away team. It is true that off-field work as a "host" must be done, but the experience of the South African team makes people doubt whether they "did the job." We all know that the interior of FIFA is not clean, especially the series of scandals that broke out after Blatt stepped down. But there are indeed very few "simple" countries like South Africa.

除上述“东道主”的明显好处外,法国于1998年; 2002年韩国; 2014年巴西;和俄罗斯在2018年。这些世界杯的主办国都“有意”甚至“无意地”受到了裁判的青睐。 。但是,在世界杯的历史上,确实有一个更“不幸”的东道主。他们是世界杯历史上第一位未能晋级小组赛的东道主。这是南非。在与墨西哥和乌拉圭的比赛中,两名裁判员对客队犯了“反向”偏见。的确,必须完成作为“东道主”的野外工作,但是南非团队的经验使人们怀疑他们是否“完成了工作”。众所周知,FIFA的内部并不干净,尤其是布拉特下台后爆发的一系列丑闻。但是确实很少有像南非这样的“简单”国家。

South Africa coach Pereira complains to the fourth official that the referee is partial to the strong team


Perhaps the root cause of all this is the same as the previous reason, that is, the referee's intentional or unintentional bias towards the "third world of football". In the eyes of fans, South Africa is an "honest person"; but in the eyes of the media and FIFA officials, I am afraid that "South Africa is a fool." It can be said that although South Africa is out, it has not won the respect of everyone.


For most fans, if you talk about the most classic controversial battle in world football, then the Korean-Italian battle that took place at the Daejeon World Cup Stadium on June 18, 2002 must be among them. In addition to the fans of the Italian team, in the eyes of many outsiders, the Korean-Italian battle is full of controversy because when most people think it is a "weak team defeating the strong team in a disgraceful way" contest, from the psychological "herd From a "psychological" point of view, they also naturally believe that this is a problematic game. The object of their suspicion was Moreno from Ecuador, the referee of the game at the time. It is true that the referee Moreno’s several penalties have indeed changed the situation of the game; but some people say that this is a match where a strong team "scorned" a weak team and led to an upset. South Korea's victory over Italy also shows that they have a certain degree. strength. Assuming that it is the Chinese team that benefits, can the Chinese team have the strength to defeat the Italian team? The reason why the South Korean team defeated the Italian team was completely determined by the opponent’s contempt and the South Korean team’s own “stubborn will”. In the face of some penalties, the Italian felt that “the referee was partial to himself with his previous imagination (refer to the 1986 World Cup Korean-Italian War). ) The results are different", leading to an unbalanced mentality and ultimately losing the game.

对于大多数球迷来说,如果您谈论世界足球上最经典的有争议的战役,那么2002年6月18日在大田世界杯体育场举行的韩意战将是其中之一。除了意大利队的球迷外,在许多局外人眼中,韩日之战充满争议,因为当大多数人认为这是一场“以弱势击败强队的弱队”比赛时,从“心理学”的角度来看,他们自然也认为这是一个有问题的比赛,他们怀疑的对象是当时比赛的裁判厄瓜多尔的莫雷诺,这确实是裁判莫雷诺的几个罚球的确改变了比赛的情况;但是有人说这是一场强队“嘲笑”弱队并导致沮丧的比赛,韩国对意大利的胜利也表明他们有一定的实力。假设是中国队受益,中国队是否有实力击败意大利队?韩国队击败意大利队的原因完全取决于对手的蔑视和韩国团队自己的“固执意志”。面对一些处罚,意大利人觉得“裁判原本只是想像自己的一部分(参见1986年世界杯韩日战争)。 )结果不同”,导致心态不平衡,最终输掉了比赛。

Italy, which claims to be a "stronger", was obviously out of balance in that game.


In the end, South Korea can catch up with a strong will


One thing that cannot be avoided is that Moreno's penalty really dominates the game. So has the Korean Football Association bought the referee? In the magical movie "Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince", Harry drank "good luck" to his friend Ron, which caused Ron to defend the Quidditchburn team's goal tenaciously in the following game and became the ball. The hero of the team. But in fact, Harry didn't give him "good luck", just "pretended" to give it, and the strong psychological hint was the incentive for Ron to succeed. The same was true for the Korean-Italian battle. According to the Chosun Ilbo report, we learned that the way the Korean Football Association encouraged the soldiers to kill the Italian team was that they broadcasted the 1986 Italy and South Korea war to the players before the match. Leaning towards the Italians caused the seniors to wrongly lose the game. Therefore, the players also went to the battlefield with a mentality of "revenge", so you know why the South Korean team's actions in that game were so fierce. However, it is obvious that this is the first time that a "third world country of football" has benefited more than a "strong European and American team" on the football field, so this game has also caused an uproar worldwide. However, the European media Agence France-Presse and Reuters used the words "miracle" and "greatness" at the time. The Dutch media even praised Hiddink’s success. This is the same as what some fans saw or even heard in China at the time. It's not the same thing.




An Zhenhuan completes the belated revenge for the 86-year-old predecessor


Looking at the FIFA report later, it was determined that there were six misjudgments in this World Cup. They are: Brazil and Turkey in Group C (Brazil’s penalty was a misjudgment before the end of the game); Argentina VS England in Group F (the penalty won by Irving was actually a fake); Japan VS Russia in Group H (Junichi Inamoto finally scored The ball is actually offside); the top 16 against Brazil VS Belgium (Wilmoz’s goal was effectively blown off); the top 8 Germany VS the United States (the United States’ obvious penalty for hitting the German defender’s arm in the second half was ignored) and South Korea VS Spain (Morientes' goal was blown off the baseline before Spain passed the ball is actually a misjudgment). These facts show that FIFA at the time determined that there was no misjudgment in the Korean-Italian War. Of course, I believe that many early Chinese fans who were "Serie A fans" would "reserve their views", but at least from an official point of view, the remarks that "the Korean-Italian war is a game illegally manipulated by South Korea" are nonsense. Talk, even the argument of eyeball.

稍后查看FIFA的报告,可以确定本届世界杯有6个错误判断。他们是:巴西和土耳其在C组中(巴西的处罚在比赛结束前是一个错误的判断); F组中的阿根廷对英格兰(Irving赢得的点球实际上是假的); H组日本VS俄罗斯(稻本淳二终于进了球,实际上是越位);对阵巴西对比利时的前16名(Wilmoz的进球实际上被宣告失败);排名前8的德国VS美国(火狐体育官网下载美国在下半场击中德国后卫的明显处罚被忽略了)和韩国VS西班牙(莫里昂特斯的进球在西班牙传球之前就被打断了底线)错误判断)。这些事实表明,当时的国际足球联合会确定在朝鲜-意大利战争中没有任何错误的判断。当然,我相信许多早期的中国球迷都是“意甲球迷”,但至少从官方的角度来看,这句话“朝鲜与意大利的战争是南方人非法操纵的游戏”。朝鲜是胡说八道。说话,甚至争论不休。

Moreno’s penalty in that game is indeed controversial, but FIFA does not consider it a misjudgment.


And let’s look at the history of the World Cup. In fact, many of the South Korean team’s games were actually victims, except for the 2002 Korean-Italian and Han-West battles. Previously, I was talking about "the grievances of the third world" and talked about the South Korean team's encounter with the Italian team in 1986 when it was unfairly sentenced by the American referee. In addition, the South Korean team has been counted in the World Cup. In the 1990 World Cup match between South Korea and Uruguay, the Italian referee Ranese fouled the South Korean team 40 times. In the second half, South Korean defender Yoon Deok-ru (retired as the South Korean women's coach) and the goalkeeper returned a pass. , He unbelievably gave Yin Deru a red card for "delaying the game" and sent him off, causing his opponent to play one more player and finally kill South Korea in stoppage time. In 2006, Lanese was sentenced to imprisonment during the “telephone door scandal” in Italy, and he received belated retribution.

让我们看一下世界杯的历史。实际上,除了2002年的韩意战和汉西战外,许多韩国队的比赛实际上都是受害者。以前,我谈论的是“第三世界的不满”,还谈论过韩国队在1986年与意大利队的遭遇,当时美国裁判对它进行了不公平的判决。另外,韩国队也被算进了世界杯。在1990年韩国与乌拉圭之间的世界杯比赛中,意大利裁判拉尼斯(Ranese)对韩国队犯规40次。下半场,韩国后卫尹德如(已退役为韩国女教练)和门将交了一张传球。 ,他难以置信地给了尹德茹一张“拖延比赛时间”的红牌,并把他遣散了,这导致他的对手再次扮演一名球员,并最终在补时阶段杀死了韩国。 2006年,Lanese在意大利的“电话门丑闻”中被判入狱,他得到了迟来的报应。

La Nese, an Italian sentry who favored Uruguay

拉内斯(La Nese),意大利哨兵,他偏爱乌拉圭

There was no Llanese in 2006, and there were other referees. In the final match of the group match between South Korea and Switzerland, the referee Elizondo completely favored Switzerland. Mueller made three public handballs, only warning or ignoring. The South Korean team's fight is either a yellow card or a set kick. The South Korean team attacked a favorable ball in the second half and was blown off by him on the spot. Frey's final goal was actually an obvious offside first. But no VAR made a ruling at that time, but even if there is, Elizondo will still whistled according to his own will. Don't forget, Switzerland is the homeland of Blatter, then FIFA president. Moreover, Elizondo belongs to the "notorious" referee in the history of the World Cup, and every game he enforces is not uncontroversial.


Elizondo’s multiple “counter-judgments” prevented Korea from advancing


In the 2010 World Cup match between South Korea and Argentina, Higuain scored a goal that turned the score into 3-1, and that goal was clearly offside. After the game, the linesman apologized, saying that his mistake led to Argentina's goal. If the ball is whistled correctly, the South Korean team, which is 1-2 behind, may eventually tie the score. In the 2018 World Cup in Russia, South Korea played against Sweden. Sweden’s rough fouls were ignored by the referees, and South Korea’s fouls were infinitely magnified by the referees, which directly caused the South Korean team to no longer dare to make moves in defense, and was ultimately defeated by the opponents. Win a penalty kick. In the second match against the Mexican team, in the 66th minute Qi Chengyong was clearly overthrown by the Mexican players in the midfield. The referee Marzic chose to turn a blind eye, leading the Mexican team to counterattack successfully. At this time, VAR prompted the Mexican player to commit a foul action and signaled Marzic to watch VAR. But Maric chose to turn a blind eye and directly judged the goal to be effective. After the World Cup, South Korea coach Shin Tae-long said of the ball: "That's a pity, if we can get 1 point, maybe we can qualify."


Mexico obviously fouled Qi Chengyong for sweeping his legs, but Marzic acquiesced in all this


The World Cup has always been a game of power, full of conspiracy and conspiracy. So why do fans always like to seize the Korean-Italian battle when it comes to the World Cup? In fact, through the previous review, you can see that the hosts of each World Cup are not clean, and the referees of each World Cup are not so fair. There are more people than Moreno. So why do most people say that "South Korea is the most unsportsmanlike country and bullied 02 Italy"? In fact, this has a certain relationship with the "strong and weak mentality" of many Chinese people. With the introduction of the Western Football League, many fans and media professionals have naturally developed a strong "worship" mentality for strong teams after enjoying high-level matches, and gradually formed a "foreign moon" in their hearts. "Relatively round" thinking. South Korea is a vassal state of China in history, which also makes most of the Chinese people have an inherent psychological existence of "contempt" towards them. In the 02 World Cup, it was South Korea, which they most looked down upon, defeating Italy in their minds, which led to the unacceptable fact. In fact, they know very well that every World Cup has such a team. Just because the target is South Korea, it is more difficult for them to accept the fact of failure. If Moreno’s whistle-blowing game was Brazil vs. Italy, or even European countries vs. Italy, would fans still make a big fuss about this game? But if you think about it calmly, even if the South Korean team has entered the World Cup finals nine times in a row, it still cannot change the identity of the representative of the "third world country". In the several World Cup campaigns outside South Korea, they will still more or less encounter "arrogance and prejudice" from referees and opponents, and even suffer some dark losses. Are they not a vulnerable group?

世界杯历来是一场充满权力的游戏,充满了阴谋和阴火狐体育下载链接谋。那么,在世界杯上,球迷们为什么总是喜欢抓住韩意之战?实际上,通过前面的评论,您可以看到每个世界杯的主办国都不是干净的,每个世界杯的裁判也不是那么公平。人比莫雷诺更多。那么为什么大多数人会说“韩国是最不运动的国家,却被欺负02意大利”?实际上,这与许多中国人的“强弱心理”有一定关系。随着西方足球联赛的引入,许多球迷和媒体专业人士在享受了高水平的比赛之后,自然为强大的球队培养了强烈的“崇拜”心态火狐体育官网下载,并逐渐在他们的心中形成了“外国月亮”。 “相对圆”的思想。韩国是中国历史上的一个附庸国,这也使大多数中国人对他们有“蔑视”的内在心理存在。在02世界杯上,他们最看不起的是韩国,他们击败了意大利,这导致了令人无法接受的事实。实际上,他们非常清楚每届世界杯都有一支这样的球队。仅仅因为目标是韩国,他们就更难以接受失败的事实。如果莫雷诺的举报游戏是巴西对意大利,甚至是欧洲国家对意大利,那么球迷们还会对此游戏大惊小怪吗?但是,如果冷静地思考,即使韩国队已经连续九次进入世界杯决赛圈,它仍然无法改变“第三世界国家”代表的身份。在韩国以外的几次世界杯比赛中,他们或多或少会遇到裁判和对手的“傲慢与偏见”,甚至蒙受一些黑暗的损失。他们不是弱势群体吗?

South Korea is actually experiencing "arrogance and prejudice"


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