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In the 16th round of the 2020 Chinese Super League, Zhang Yuning scored twice in the focus of the Beijing-Luncheon match, fully reflecting the role of the striker; the Shanghai Derby staged a fierce battle. The young goalkeeper Chen Wei withstood the pressure to help advance to Hong Kong, and the Shenhua general performed outstanding . The following is the 16th round of the Chinese Super League team selected by Sina Sports (3-4-3)——




   Taliska scored twice in Hengda’s victory over China Fortune. The boost he felt on the goal was the biggest gain of Evergrande. Talisca's pass success rate of 53 passes was also over 90%.

塔里斯卡(Taliska)在恒大战胜《中国财富》时获得了两次进球。他觉得自己在目标上获得的提振是恒大的最大收获。 Talisca的传球成功率53传球也超过90%。

   Zhang Yuning demonstrated the prominent role of the striker in the fierce battle between Beijing and Lu. There were 6 shots in the field, 4 of which were on goal. He scored twice and won directly. The second goal especially reflected his personal impact.


Fernando’s rhythm and ability to hold the ball are very important to Evergrande. This round, he and Talisca showed off the explosiveness of Evergrande. He also scored twice and sent an assist to Talisca. .

费尔南多的节奏和控球能力对恒大非常重要。在这一回合中,他和塔里斯卡展示了恒大的爆炸性。他还得分两次,并向塔里斯卡送出助攻。 。


   After driving Dangdai to enter the championship group, Adrian came to R&F to shoulder the mission of relegation, and he must be fulfilled. This round of his shot and pass helped R&F defeat Huanghai Qinggang and completed the relegation task ahead of schedule.


   Ahmedov's situation from SIPG to TEDA is very similar to Adrian, and his performance is qualified to be included in Tianjin football history. In this round, Ahmedov provided an assist for Bastians's decisive goal against Kaisa. He sent 3 threatening passes and made 3 steals and 3 interceptions in defense.


"Shilin likes" became a positive phenomenon in this round. Sun Shilin, who came off the bench, used a brilliant long shot to help Shenhua tie the score at the end of the 90 minutes, dragging the game into overtime and even penalty kicks; relatively limited. Sun Shilin made 7 steals and 4 fouls.


   Lin Liangming scored the second goal of the season with a clever header, driving the Dalianese to reverse Yongchang and completing the task of relegation ahead of schedule. In the game, he sent 2 threatening passes, 2 times fouled opponents, and made 7 steals and 3 interceptions in the fierce battle.



The 21-year-old Wen Jiabao has formed a very solid training and improvement performance in Shenhua this season. In this round of fierce Shanghai Derby, Wen Jiabao has the most passes for Shenhua. He sent threatening passes and made 6 clears and 4 defensive passes. Blocked and played an impressive match with his teammates.


   Wang Shangyuan scored the first goal of the season in this round, directly ensuring that Jianye completed the relegation task ahead of schedule. The fierce confrontation related to relegation became the background, and Wang Shangyuan's wonderful free kick was qualified to become the candidate for the best goal of the season.


The performance of Mbia in the first round of the Shanghai Derby can be said to shock the audience. In the second round of this round, he became an important pillar of Shenhua's 120-minute battle. He made 4 steals and 4 clearances, blocking the opponent's pass The number of shots is the same as 4 times, and 4 breakthroughs are formed.




Yan Junling’s accidental injury required Chen Wei to stand up in the Shanghai Derby. The young goalkeeper proved himself with 8 saves this round, especially in the final moments of the 120-minute fierce battle. He steadily resolved Shenhua’s single-handed opportunity and a penalty kick. In the war, a penalty kick was blocked in the first round to establish a victory for SIPG.





   The fierce battle between Beijing and Lu has once again proved that Zhang Yuning is the most comprehensive local center in the Super League at this stage. He not only scored twice for a direct tiebreaker, but also made 4 opponents fouls, 3 breakthroughs, and sent threatening passes in the game, playing a role as a reliable striker. Zhang Yuning greatly enlarged Guoan's lineup configuration advantage in the U23 player link.




In the first round of the Shanghai Derby, Shenhua’s defensive defensive performance has already demonstrated Cui Kangxi’s commanding ability. In the second round of this round, the old man went a step further and re-layouts the proportion of offense and defense to reflect more content. Shenhua’s offensive effect The overall execution power is extremely bright; Cui Kangxi's on-the-spot adjustment is also clear. The 90-minute equalization at the last minute and the 120-minute final moment ushered in a lore. In the role of coach, Cui Kangxi's actions have reached the extreme!




   Under the command and dispatch of Cui Kangxi, Shenhuazhong will play a wonderful game that will directly enhance the Super League this season. The first round used defense as a confrontation method, and the second round fully proved his offensive execution and creativity. This was achieved when Shenhua only arranged a foreign player to start. The lineup seemed to be at a disadvantage. The theoretical situation has been completely put aside, Shenhuazhong will be bright in many aspects such as the ability to withstand pressure and the level of confrontation. In important matches, without the help of others, only relying on oneself to fight for hope, Shenhua, who lost the penalty kick, is honored!


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